this is so ignorant that the comment plus the disrespectful tone that indicates you’re likely not going to actually listen to much less hear what I will say (as you clearly already haven’t), that my response may be moot. But alas, “the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead,” so at least for the fellow zombies misguided by your foolishness, I’ll offer this.

all that you just attributed to capitalism is indeed attributable only to the exploited labor of workers around the world who, since the dawn of the 500 year old age of colonialism — that has indeed forced workers at gunpoint (not to mention shackle and noose) — have rendered their blood, sweat, tears, bodies to the capitalist machine which bloodlets thier efforts for profit. PeriodT.

the computer i’m typing on, laborers in one of Steve Jobs’ factories made it, when the plantation like stress and pressure didn’t force them to jump to a premature death, which the capitalist vulture in Jobs literally cast nets for to prevent the loss of… ahem… profit, cause “fuck your life” says the capitalist. the internet service was actually built by the government in a program called DHAARPA and ultimately, like all other national security interested technology, pandered off to the masses to serve as both a capitalist money making scheme and unilateral panoptic surveillance technology at the same damn time. the building i’m in — built by migrant workers most likely in my particluar region of the world. the same ones this capitalist gov’t hypocritially tries to deport back to their home countires which they, in most cases, were forced to flee… because… you guessed it smart guy — that capitalism you love so much.

there’s nothing free about a market that decimates foreign countries’ ecosystems and economies, not to mention the cultures and the people themselves, all in an effort to make big profits for select larger nations all complicit with the worldwide banking schemes and predatory lending of the IMF and the World Bank.

Capitalism is voluntary? Are you fucking serious??? Tell that to all the expoloited laborers and their countries worldwide. Tell that to the mineral resource laborers of tinc in Vietnam, the enslaved miners of coltan in the Congo, the harvesters of lithium in Bolivia which your beloved capitalists just stole from the indigenous people. At. Gunpoint. Anywho, I could go on and on but I’ll let you chew on those apples for now. Smart guy.

The Ellisonian Basement is a collection of my writings on Blackness & visibility in the post-modern world, OR Duboisian double consciousness under surveillance.

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